SīnWaves NSF SBIR IOT Phase One Resources

UCI Information

    The proposed project is working on further advancing and refining a small electronic device with wireless capabilities. These units are meant to meet regulations of the United States Sign Council (USSC) motorist reaction distance for visual street cues to facilitate safe vehicle responses. Satisfying this requirement involves SinWaves to develop a communication protocol structured around efficient message transmission to quickly detect and respond to moving vehicles while using minimal energy. The projects communication protocol is designed to use minimal power while maximizing the amount of data transferred. Software and hardware are optimized to achieve 5-8 year battery life while meeting the required transmission distances set by USSC. Because roadside infrastructure is standardized there is an opportunity for advanced data management techniques to simplify data transmission and decoding. The proposed system integrates and enhances the current vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication platform by offering another layer of physical object identification. As vehicles take on autonomous responsibilities, they’ll need reliable, accurate, and authenticatable information about their surroundings with enough notice to facilitate safe responses.

    UCI Bus Analysis 35mph

    This was created using R code which generated this report based on the bus data collected.

    UCI Bus Analysis 45mph

    This was created using R code to generate reports based on the bus data collected.

    Craig's Analysis XML Doc

    An Excel sheet containing infromation about packet loss and statstics for metrics on bus data

    UCI's Final Report

    This is the final document created by the graduate students based on the data collected over the grant

    SīnWaves Documentation and Suporting Documents

    Dash UI Users Guide

    Documentation for students to learn to use the mockup UI built for testing purposes.

    Installation and Antenna Design

    Antenna Modification and Installation Height Analysis

    RSU and BSU Connections xlsx

    Data used in final report, calculations and work shown

    SīnWaves PCBA Power Calculations

    Power calculations for Wave One and Blanket Octopus

    BlanketOctopus V1 RF Charatoristics xlsx

    Radio Frequency calculations for Blanket Octopus based on theoretical theories

    SīnWaves UCI Bus and Sign Install

    The first pass install of RSU on UCI's Campus

    SīnWaves UCI Bus and Sign Install Final

    The last pass install of RSU on UCI's Campus for final test results

    Battery Test Inforation and Calculations

    These are theoretical calculations checked using lab equipment to validate thier accuracy

    Data File RSSI LQI for RSUs DOX

    Raw data profiles as they change with Software updates, date provides context for changes.