Sinwaves Inc

    Why Make Roads Safer

    SinWaves, Inc. is developing an Internet of Things (IoT) communication platform that will be placed on street signs to deploy a vehicle-to-roadside (V2R) communication network for the advancement and safety of driver-assisted and autonomous vehicles. SinWaves has been designing a unit that is low-cost, ultra-low power and easily programmable. The unit is configured to transmit information to vehicles wirelessly and elicit a response similar to how humans interpret current visual cues. For example, when a driver sees a stop sign, the response is preparing to stop. Currently, advanced driver assistant systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles rely on visual machine sensing systems that are degraded in periods of darkness, weather, and obstruction. SinWaves proposes an optimized communication protocol structured around efficient message transmission at ultra-low operating power to quickly detect and respond to moving vehicles with minimal energy usage.

    SinWaves is developing a Roadside Communication Network (RCN) by integrating the methodologies of Internet of Things (IoT), Vehicular Networks, and Wireless Sensor Networks to provide a new communication platform that will enable roadside-to-vehicle (R2V) communication. This system will digitalize the current roadside infrastructure enabling communication with oncoming vehicles providing advanced roadway flow control conditions. Roadside infrastructure in the form of street signs, traffic lights, railroad crossings, construction zones, and other road related entities will be able to wirelessly communicate their message to a recipient, thus facilitating safer, smarter decisions.

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