About SinWaves

    SinWaves has been bootstrapping research and development using off-the-shelf technology and is currently seeking seed funding to realize and validate its wireless communication system. Our technology is currently under development now as a standalone system for commercial applcation and pilot programs. The primary focus of SinWaves is development and applications for new information technologies to support more efficient transportation systems.

Timothy Menard

Before starting SinWaves, Tim worked as an electrical engineer designing systems for powertrain firmware validation and test at Tesla Motors. Timothy graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage in electrical engineering. He conducted research in the field of shortest and fastest routes with dynamic edge weights and real-time vehicle tracking using the open source real-time traffic simulator FreeSim in which he was a contributing developer.

Nicholas Johnson

Nicholas has worked at a number of diverse companies designing electronics like the best selling IOT development kits; to LED lights for lighting Africa. Before joining SinWaves he worked at Tesla Motors designing control circuits and validating complex thermal designs for mass production.